LM-80 Self Closing Sliding Door System

The LM-80 Self Closing Sliding Door System is a sliding door mechanism that self closes and assists opening. Closing is damped to eliminate slamming and is fully adjustable to fine tune the best soft closing for the application. The mechanism is surface mounted on the wall and needs no bottom rail so that carpeting, for instance, can be continuous under the door. A catch is included to hold the door in the fully opened position.for 28-40mm thick wood doors or 13mm solid phenolic doors. The door will travel up to 1100mm in the case of a door with a width of 1200mm. Please see the technical specifications for more detailed descriptions.

  • Easy to install - surface mounting
  • Self-closing
  • Non-handed
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LM-80 Self closing door system Door System £1,139.93 (Incl. VAT)