FAD-54 / FAD-44 Lateral Opening Door System

The FAD system alows flush doors to open and move like a sliding door but with no bottom rail to get in the way. The intelligent system pushes the door out from it's flush mounting and then sweeps it to one side using gas sprung arms. The motion uses much less space than conventional swing doors and smoothly self-opens and closes. Optimises space and can handle large doors for closets, walk in wardrobes and laundry rooms. Can be left or right hand opening and can be installed in a single or double door variation. The FAD 20 is optimised for smaller doors, cabinets and the like whilst the FAD 44 and FAD 54 are perfect for larger walk in applications. The FAD 54 comes with an additional aluminium profile frame for mounting in partitions where adequate fixings are not to be found.

  • Innovative mechanism allows lateral opening of doors.
  • Door closes fl ush against surrounding walls.
  • Can be used for overlay and inset applications.
  • The gas spring provides a smooth self opening and closing movement.
  • Frees the cabinet door from using ordinary hinges and requires only half the space in front of cabinet / door to open the door.
  • No bottom rail required.
  • Height adjustable by cutting Arm Connecting Pipe.
  • Vertically and Horizontally adjustable after installation.
  • Applications: walk-in closet doors, partitions, wardrobe closets, etc.
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FAD-44 Lateral opening Door system
FAD-44L Special Version Lateral opening Door system
FAD-54 Lateral opening Door system
FAD54 Common Parts(Kit) Part of FAD54 Kit
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